13-Pound Baby Shocks Parents And Hospital Staff

January 11, 2015 Entertainment

Colorado’s Alisha Hernandez was set to give birth by C-section on Thursday, December 7th. But, like many pregnancies, things didn’t go as planned and Alisha found herself going into labor in the hospital a few days early. A few hours later, Mia Yasmin Garcia was born. However, Mia wasn’t the typical newborn that one may expect – because she was a bit on the heavier side.


Children’s Hospital Colorado
Mia was expected to weigh somewhere around 7 pounds, but her actual weight was nearly double that. Mia was 22 inches long and weighed 13 pounds, 13 ounces. Mia’s mother and father were blown away, as was the hospital staff. ”The nurse, she got shocked. She’s like come here! Come here! Come here!” father Francisco Garcia recalls. “They opened their eyes like they’ve never seen a baby like that!”

Children’s Hospital Colorado
After Mia’s birth at the San Luis Valley Hospital in Colorado, she was flown to the Children’s Hospital in Aurora because she was having breathing problems and had low glucose levels. But Mia is now stable and her mother and father look forward to bringing her home to meet her four older sisters. ”We tried our best to get a boy,” dad said. “We never got it. We’re still happy though.”

Children’s Hospital Colorado


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