These 15 Animals Playing In Snow For The First Time Will Melt Your Heart

December 25, 2014 Entertainment

Newborn animals come with a number of first experiences. The first time you bring them home. The first time you catch them chewing on your shoes. Even the first time your heart melts after they snuggle beside you. But for all these firsts, there’s one that stands above all the others: the first time they play in snow.

Lucky for us, some lovely people had their cameras on hand when these 15 adorable animals had their first snow encounters. The results are beautiful scenes of wintry magic!

1.) This Polar Bear pup just got a dose of home.

2.) That’s one chilly kitty.

3.) Wait…I can’t even see you!

4.) “It’s COLD…COLD…COLD!”

5.) “Mom, it’s stuck in my ear…”

6.) “Don’t tell mom…”

7.) I bet you’re re-thinking that long coat.

8.) He may be 8 years old, but he plays like a pup.

9.) Yummmm, that’s the good stuff.

10.) “What IS this?!”

11.) “I don’t wanna come in! I’m still PLAYIN!”

12.) “I swear I left a toy under here.”

13.) His first snowfall feels just right.

14.) Yup…cats hate snow, too.

15.) “Grrrrrrr…….I’m not liking this whole ‘snow’ thing.”

(via Bored Panda)

These adorable animals are a reminder to keep your eyes open and experience the world with a child-like enthusiasm when that big Nor’easter arrives. After all, you can always have just as much fun as these adorable creatures!


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