Here Are 16 Unethical, Immoral Life Hacks To Get What You Want. They’re Evil… Yet Genius.

May 8, 2014 Entertainment

“Life hacks” are simple tips that should make your life easier by saving you time, money or both. (Check out these life hacks if you haven’t heard of them before!) However, this website put a new twist on pro tips: unethical ones.

You might not feel comfortable with these life hacks if you don’t like living with a guilty conscience. We’re not sure how we feel about them, but they’re clever tips nonetheless, so check them out!

Source: Unethical Hacks

Stealing, lying and cheating are never  good things… but a few of these tips are just plain cleverness. Would you ever try one of these “unethical” life hacks? Would your friends? Share this article with them and find out!



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