Baby Won’t Stop Laughing, Leaving Dad In Hysterics

February 26, 2015 Videos

This father is having an emotional moment when he sees his child laugh for the first time, but emotions turn into full on hilarity when the baby won’t stop laughing. The laughter quickly turns contagious and Mom and Dad can’t keep stop the tears from all of the laughing going on! Luckily Mom had the camera rolling so they were able to share this beautiful moment with all of us.

Babies begin expressing themselves through laughter at various ages. Some parents out there might have children that began laughing days or weeks after birth, while for some children it can take up to a year to laugh for the first time. Dr. Caspar Addyman led a study to find out exactly why babies laughed, and he found that for the most part it’s used as a form of communication to others. If babies like what’s happening around them, they’ll laugh. On the other hand, if something is wrong or the baby is displeased, a common reaction is instead to cry.

Obviously this beautiful baby loved what was happening, because the laughter never seemed to stop! I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard!

To the parents out there: when did your child start laughing? Was it early or later on in their first year? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to share this video with your friends on Facebook so they can join in on the laughter!


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