This Blind Dog Was Abandoned Because His Owner Refused To Pay $20. Now He Finally Gets His Second Chance.

September 14, 2014 Videos

Little Jake was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles one day completely disoriented and alone. When a shelter picked him up, they realized he was so disoriented because he was blind. Eventually, Jake’s previous owners were contacted, but they refused to take him home because of the reclaiming fee — of $20.

For three weeks, Heidi visited Jake whenever he featured at adoption events, but didn’t take him home because she had a few other dogs, and didn’t think she could deal with another. Finally, one day, Heidi couldn’t walk away anymore, and took Jake home with her. With Heidi’s love and dedication, Jake has blossomed, and plays just like her other dogs, his blindness not even an issue.

Heidi and Jake’s story is a testament to the sweetness of rescue dogs! They are not broken, and they are always ready for love!

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