She Built A Tiny 320-Square-Foot Cottage That Actually Feels Huge…GENIUS!!

January 9, 2015 Entertainment

A small house can offer BIG perks. Versatility, affordability, and — most importantly — the opportunity to feel like a real-life gnome by living in a small, mobile home that looks like a log! And really, what’s cooler than living in a log?

Well, maybe one thing is cooler — like living in a splendid, airy, cliffside cottage that offers EPIC views of the ocean. While this cliffside cottage is just 320 square feet, it feels massive thanks to its unique design features — open windows, sky-wide views, and a less-is-more attitude when it comes to decor.

Could you live here? We certainly could! And if you could move into this comfortable 320 square foot house, which of your most prized possessions would you insist on bringing with you? Name three items (hey, it’s ONLY 320 square feet, so your massive furniture may not fit) in the comments below!

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This beautiful cottage is perched on the cliffs of Whitsband Bay, Cornwall, United Kingdom.


It’s only 320 square feet, but it makes the most of its space, creating an atmosphere as pleasant as its views.


The house is perfect for Whitsband Bay, which is known for its high cliffs, dramatic scenery, and long stretches of sandy beaches.


This is because the house has plenty of outdoor space, which can be basked upon during the day…


…or enjoyed at sunset.


It also offers a one-of-a-kind backdrop for an outdoor dinner party.


The inside of the cottage has many amenities as well.


It uses the most of its space with large-windowed walls that can be opened, extending the size of the interior living areas.


You need a big space for these BIG views.


All of the natural light can really help you see while you cook in this modern kitchen.


Or, you can plop on a bed in the spacious bedroom and use the light to read a book…


The bathroom is pretty sweet as well…


…but not as sweet as this precious little cottage as a whole.


Ah, home sweet home!


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