They Called Her ‘Fat,’ But Then Her Performance Shocked The Harshest Judge!

January 10, 2015 Videos

This young mother is about to knock your socks off. She totally inspires me, and I’m not the only one…

When Emma Haslam took the stage at “Britain’s Got Talent,” the audience was ready to brush her off because of her body size — especially when they heard she was about to do somepole dancing in front of millions of people, let alone the harshest judge, Simon Cowell. After all, Emma is 210 pounds. “How could she be a talented dancer?” they wondered.

But seconds into her routine, it was clear Emma is an incredible woman, and a skilled pro. She’s flexible, she’s athletic and most of all, she’s confident. Millions of people have watched her performance, and yes — there are those out there who believe the stage is no place for Emma. But there are also countless viewers who applaud her for taking any preconceived notions about plus-sized dancers and flushing ‘em straight down the drain. Simon commended her for her awesome performance, and the audience was speechless.

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