She Finds A Dying Horse Abandoned In A Field—Then Does The Unthinkable

January 1, 2015 Videos

It’s incredible what a little love can do.

When we meet Benny, we meet a shell of a horse. The initial photos are disturbing, so beware. His ribs are sticking out; he’s starving and emaciated. He’s clinging to life. Looks like whoever owned Benny forgot about him completely.

But enter the heroes of this story. The Last Stop Horse Rescue is an organization and 21-acre farm in Maine dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating horses that have been abused, abandoned, neglected, or starved. They found Benny, and that’s when his life finally changed forever.

Over the next six months, Benny transformed into a gorgeous animal, inside and out. His progress is stunning, and even the medical team can’t believe how far he’s come. By the end of this video, my heart went from broken to bursting with joy for this courageous horse.

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Benny was starved and left to die. It’s a miracle he was discovered in time…


He could hardly move, let alone stand up on his legs.


…But after three months of love and care, Benny started to fill out and regain his health.


The vet nearly cried when he saw Benny’s progress.


Before and after.


He’s an inspiration to everyone — even the other animals at the farm.


Sometimes, that’s all it takes!




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