A Girl With No Fingers On One Hand Plays Piano

March 19, 2015 Videos

Whenever the staff of viral novelty comes across an inspirational story of a person overcoming incredible odds, we jump to share it with you. The video below is a truly exceptional example of such a story.

Zheng Gui Gui auditions for China’s Got Talent, playing “Souvenir D’enfance” (Childhood Dreams). She enchants the audience with the lighthearted melody, but it’s not just her talent that captures their attention, it’s the story of determination that is apparent in watching her play.
Zheng Gui Gui was born with no fingers on her right hand. Her disability made her an easy target for bullying, and made a once-happy child withdraw into a sullen personality. That is, until one day when she found herself standing before a piano. She began to play on the keys and a new passion was ignited. Though it sounds unbelievable, that encounter happened only 3 years prior to this audition. During that time, she threw herself into practice, overcoming whatever obstacles she encountered to playing without fingers. Though she was eventually eliminated from the competition, she remains an inspiration to everyone who has seen her play. This moment, as she plays before a cheering crowd, must certainly have been like a dream come true for her. What an apt piece for making her television debut.
It’s easy to celebrate this moment and how talented she is, but more than that, I want to celebrate what brought her here. She found a love in playing piano, but didn’t merely accept that she would be an inferior player due to her handicap. Instead, she put in double and triple the amount of practice time of her peers, proving that hard work and determination are the most important factors in achieving your dreams.
What do you think of Zheng Gui Gui? If you have any stories about overcoming the odds, we would love to hear them in our comments section.


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