So A Guy Decided To Drive Through West Africa. The Things He Saw Are Almost Unbelievable.

April 10, 2014 Entertainment

There are a wide variety of cultures and countries in West Africa, from Nigeria through to Senegal, but one thing is the same for them all: life there is very different than life in the United States. Going for a drive through West Africa could result in goat herds, flash floods, vigilantes and danger.

One man’s collection of photos shows just how alien that life is compared to the Western world.

Source: Imgur

The things you can see just driving through these villages are amazing. The lives of the people there are so different. They work so hard for things we take for granted every day, like gas pumps, reliable cars or widely available food sources.

This world is a big place. Learn more about it and help others by showing them these eye-opening photographs.



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