This Guy Roams The Streets Looking For Trash. What He Does With It Is Hilariously Brilliant.

May 24, 2014 Entertainment

Countless city streets are marred by piles of trash and litter, a visually unappealing scar on our society. Rubbish can be a depressing reminder of the state of the world… or just downright unpleasant. A Spanish artist by the name of Francisco de Pájaro is trying to change that, the only way he knows how.

Francisco roams city streets, transforming piles of trash into something we could all appreciate: art. He adds arms and faces to bags, bins, cardboard boxes and more. His goal?

“My intention is to seek the smile on people. I never stay to watch their reaction, I usually leave. But in general I think, or I want to think, I make them smile.”

Source: Francisco de Pájaro via Elite Daily

Francisco’s art is playful, but we think his focus on improving cities with quirky art is important to note. To see more of his work, check out this video about his “trashy” art:

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