What Happened To These 10 Patients Makes Me Never Want To Go To A Hospital Again. #9 Is Terrifying.

July 13, 2014 Stories

All humans make mistakes; it’s just part of our nature. There is an unfortunate truth, though, that we all must accept. Even the professionals that have our lives in their hands can make mistakes. When you’re under the knife in an operating room, your surgeon can make an error at any point. (After all, he is human… probably.)

It’s horrifying to think of a doctor opening you up and then somehow forgetting to do the right thing. Complications during surgery happen and they typically aren’t the result of mistakes. Still, removing the wrong organ or leaving surgical tools inside of patients? That shouldn’t happen. Even the doctors that pay outrageous amounts because of malpractice insurance know that, but these mistakes still occur.

These are some of the worst medical mistakes that could ever happen to you.

If you didn’t like going to the doctor before, you certainly won’t like it now.

If you’re going into surgery, don’t be afraid to write on yourself before the procedure to let the doctor’s know what’s up. You may feel silly, but writing “NOT THIS LEG!” may save you a limb and a lot of heartache.

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