Identical Twins Give This Judge Goosebumps, But When She Turns Around? OMG!

February 22, 2015 Videos

Hannah and Naomi Moxon have been turning heads since they were babies. One look at them and you’ll understand why…

You can’t miss these 19-year-old twins when you see them on the street. These sisters from Longthorpe, England are identical in every way, even theirhauntingly beautiful voices.

The twins, who perform under the name “Classical Reflection,” were recently featured as contestants on The Voice UK, where they were hoping to turn more than just the judges’ heads.

When the talented sisters stepped on stage for their blind audition, they were understandably very nervous, but when they opened their mouths, it didn’t show at all.

Their unbelievably beautiful rendition of Italian opera song “Nella Fantasia,” which was made famous by classical superstar Sarah Brightman, is guaranteed to give you goosebumps…just like it did to the judges!

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