This Lady Lives In A Home The Size Of A Parking Space! Some Say She’s Crazy. I Think It’s Amazing!

August 7, 2014 Stories

Think living mortgage-free is too good to be true? You’re going to love the way that one woman downsized her life and said farewell to her expensive mortgage. Big changes can happen when you decide to live small. The story below is about a woman who dared to live differently. By scaling down the size of her home, she cut her bills drastically. With no mortgage on her little house, Dee Williams truly learned what living large is all about. Please enjoy and remember to SHARE this tiny but inspiring home with all of your friends.

Meet Dee Williams!


Williams was living in a three-bedroom home in Portland, Oregon with an extremely expensive mortgage, and a long list of chores to keep up with. By age 40, Dee had a heart attack. She was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a stress-related heart condition that can actually be fatal. This was a *major* turning point for Dee.

With some raw cedar and beautiful knotted pine, Dee followed her dream and made BIG changes…by living small.


While at the doctor’s office dealing with her heart condition, Dee had skimmed an article about Jay Schafer, the founder of the tiny house movement. One short read inspired her to completely downsize her life.

…by building and moving into a home that’s just 84 square feet in size!


Believe it or not, that’s roughly the size of a parking space!

Now, Dee enjoys a tiny lifestyle that allows her to live big.


Living in such a small space meant making some major changes. Today, Dee sold most of her clutter. She has a mere 305 possessions in her small dwelling.

But there’s good news: These days, Dee’s monthly bills total roughly $8.00.


But the best part of all? It only takes her about ten minutes to clean her home from top to bottom!

Sure, her home is small, but since there’s no more mortgage to pay, Dee only has to work part-time!


Not having a traditional mortgage to pay has freed Dee from the ball-and-chain of a traditional desk job! Her lighter work schedule means more time with friends and family.

To save room, Dee’s lofted her bedroom.


Her cozy cabin’s loft fits a full-sized mattress and a decidedly quaint quilt.

Dee has a pint-sized kitchen with a propane burner, but no oven or fridge.


When she needs to use a stove, she simply asks her neighbor to “borrow” their kitchen.

The kitchen is incredibly simple.


The sink? A ceramic basin of fresh water. A jar in the cabinet below catches the waste.

There’s a sink and a toilet, but no running water means composting…and no shower.


When Dee really needs a shower, she uses her neighbors. In some ways, tiny dwellings are a lot like full-time camping.

Dee insists that the sacrifice of some modern luxuries is actually a good thing.


“We have built houses that give us an opportunity to lock ourselves inside. I have to branch out from my tiny house. I have to shop at the food co-op every day, for example. I have a different relationship with people because of it.”

Why wait ’til retirement to live the way you really want to live? I would totally move into a smaller home if it meant no huge monthly mortgage. Dee Williams is an inspiring example of a woman who made room in her life to LIVE BIG by simply downsizing and forgoing a few modern luxuries. Please SHARE if she inspired you to make some big – or tiny – changes.



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