LOL! 44 Ordinary Signs That Became Suspicious When People Failed At Using Quotation Marks

April 5, 2014 Entertainment

When misused, quotation marks make even the most innocent sentences worthy of some serious suspicion. These signs have given me some major trust issues.

No “strings” attached

“But is not ready for a serious relationship right now.”

blogspot.comI like the forwardness, but maybe buy me a drink first?

neatorama.comThey won’t judge you if you’re actually just fat

Totally not breathing on the back of your neck and whispering in tongues.

blogspot.comHas it been sitting out for two days? Yes. Is there mold on it? No.

blogspot.comLooks like I’m in that particularly sleazy part of the neighborhood again.

*Turns faucet on, waits ten seconds, turns it off* Yeah, you know who you are.

The only reason this pole isn’t rolling its eyes is because it doesn’t have eyes.

At least, that’s what they tell the horse.

Hopefully more integrity than the structure of their building.

Someone just earned their Blatant Abuse of Punctuation badge.

blogspot.comThat awkward moment when someone stands too close to you at the manure pile.

wordpress.comI request a worldwide z-snap in honor of this fine individual.

Whatever this is, I want it nowhere near my hands.

Something seems fishy here.

How to emasculate your employees in just four easy marks.

thechive.comTheir racial profiling abilities are unparalleled.

eloquentscience.comHe’s the one who totally won’t inject your breasts with cement. Totally not that one.

blogspot.comTechnically it’s upstairs if there’s a basement, right?

imgur.comYou can’t even tell me that Walter White isn’t operating out of this place.

imgur.comAfter a week, food safety laws require them to add a second set of quotations.

blogspot.comThe double negative makes this one extra tricky. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

buzzfeed.comGood luck trying to win a shootout against a zombie cop.

publishersweekly.comWe’ll settle this once and for all on Maury next week, but until then, let’s celebrate.

walltowatch.comThere will be “Kool-Aid” and we will “sacrifice a goat.”


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