Looks Like An Ordinary Home Depot Shed, But What She Did Inside SHOCKS Everyone…

March 25, 2015 Stories

he last time we met with Tiffany, a Seattle-based mother known as “The Fancy Farmgirl,” we were wowed by her adorable pink trailer. Well, prepare to be wowed again…

Tiffany owns 30 free-range chickens. She decided to upgrade her chicken coop, so she bought a shed kit from Home Depot — and transformed it into a luxurious boutique chicken hotel that any human would be lucky to call home, let alone 30 chickens.

No Fancy Farmgirl creation would be complete without an homage to vintage decor, so when Tiffany and her husband built this coop, she knew decorating it would be one of her most fun projects to date. To keep the coop looking so neat and tidy, she cleans it on a daily basis and gives it a more thorough cleaning bi-weekly.

Tiffany says, “All of my chickens work for me, giving our family and friends eggs, but they are also my pets. They are all hand fed, and very friendly. They come when called, and will sit in your lap for hours eating berries and cracked corn. I definitely am on a mission to promote responsible chicken ownership as well, please don’t go out and buy some chickens just so you can have a pretty coop!”

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Tiffay’s coop is 8′×12′. She bought a shed kit from Home Depot, and decided to turn it into a bona fide boutique chicken hotel. Just wait until the doors open…


The Fancy Farmgirl

WOW!! These 30 happy, lucky chickens get to call this coop one of their homes. They’re free range, and have over an acre to run around free.


The Fancy Farmgirl

Here’s Tiffany with Liberty, her sweet and beautiful bantam cochin rooster.


The Fancy Farmgirl

The chickens only come into the coop to lay their eggs, and at night to keep safe from predators. They have been trained to come in the coop on their own at night, and they all trail in one by one around dusk.


The Fancy Farmgirl

Tiffany likes to keep a chandelier in every room of her house, so of course she needed one for her chickens to enjoy. But it’s not just pretty — it’s also functional. Chickens need light to lay their eggs, so when it’s dark and cold the chandelier “tricks” the chickens into thinking they need to lay.


The Fancy Farmgirl

She raises mostly cochin chickens, but also has silkies, frizzles, araucanas, and easter eggers (who lay pastel-colored eggs!).


The Fancy Farmgirl

To help give her chickens an extra boost to roost, she provides them with a vintage ladder, which can itself be used as a roost.


The Fancy Farmgirl

Meet the fluffiest hen of the coop, Narnia.


The Fancy Farmgirl

The coop’s interior boasts rustic furniture, vintage screen doors, galvanized trashcans, and decorative touches picked up at local flea markets.


The Fancy Farmgirl

This was Tiffany’s original chicken coop from back when she only had three chickens. This coop was designed by her 12-year-old daughter in just three hours — looks like creativity runs in the family!



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