Man Confronts Police Officers After They Shoot His Dog… I’m Speechless.

July 2, 2014 Videos

Sean Kendall posted this video on Facebook after confronting Salt Lake City police officers on his front lawn minutes after his dog was shot dead by an officer during a search for a 3-year-old boy. The SLCPD has revealed little information about the June 18 shooting except to say that the dog acted aggressively when the officer entered its backyard as he searched for the missing child.

Seven members of the Salt Lake City Council have sent a letter to Police Chief Chris Burbank expressing their sorrow over the shooting and their hope that an independent review by the Police Civilian Review Board will help supplement the department’s internal investigation.

I can’t imagine what Sean must have felt and I hope and pray that he can recover after this. No dog EVER deserves to be shot, and if the police killed this dog without provocation, they should be prosecuted.

Please SHARE this video. Sean, we stand with you. Your best friend will not be forgotten.



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