Man Posts Pictures To Sell His Never-Been-Used 1956 Kitchen

March 2, 2015 Videos

Nathan Chandler posted pictures to sell his kitchen on Flickr. This is no ordinary kitchen, though. The house itself was built in 1956, and the kitchen is equipped with vintage GE appliances.

The extraordinary part? The house hasn’t been occupied and the appliances have never been used!

Take a look at this delightful tour of the kitchen, a true historic walk-through!

A one-of-a-kind marvel! Check out that rounded pink counter top and the retro flooring.

Nathan Chandler
I love the small ledges by the window. It’s a perfect spot for little plants and other decor!

Nathan Chandler
Love the silver knobs and the fact that there’s a tissue box!

Nathan Chandler
Here’s a look at the oven. So cute!

Nathan Chandler
Don’t forget our handy instruction booklet. It’s sad that they don’t make colorful booklets like this anymore.

Nathan Chandler

Nathan Chandler
Here’s the fridge.

Nathan Chandler
Believe it or not, this was the dishwasher!

Nathan Chandler
It looks a little more like a laundry machine to me…
What are your thoughts? Would you purchase this kitchen? Comment below.


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