For One Mind-Blowing Reason, These Pictures Just Left My Jaw On The Floor. Wait Til You See It…

April 21, 2014 Stories

An artist by the name of Diego Koi can create images that you’ll never forget.

They are simple, black and white works of art. The movement of the water, the texture of the skin and the depth of the shadows you see is thrilling. However, there is something about each of these pictures that will shock you. It’s impossible to tell what makes these images different at first, but look harder…


Source: Diego Koi / Via Reddit

The amount of talent it would take to create such a detailed, realistic image is unbelievable. Hyper realism is a form of art where the artists attempt to create works that look like a high-resolution photograph. Judging by Diego’s final products… he is succeeding.

Share Diego’s work with others. They’ll be stunned to know the truth about these images.



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