A Photographer Just Happened To Be In The Perfect Place At The Perfect Time. And Got THIS Awesomeness.

May 14, 2014 Stories

The American black bear is a fairly common animal that can been seen in the wild, but even this majestic creature has its more secretive moments. One photographer, Peter Mather, was lucky enough to capture one of these heartwarming and private moments that a black bear mother shared with its cub.

What you’re seeing here is a young cub emerging from the den for the very first time after a long winter. He is a little ball of fur that just scrambles after his mother… crying and just being the most adorable thing ever.

Source: Peter Mather via MNN

It’s unbelievable that people get licenses so that they can hunt and kill these beautiful creatures. Black bears being hunted for sport seems ridiculous, especially after seeing this incredibly touching moment between mother and daughter. Share it with others.


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