She’s Terrified To Join Celine Dion On Stage… Then STUNS The Audience! This Performance Gave Me CHILLS!

August 20, 2014 Videos

You may have heard of a young singer named Charice, who has already become a respected singer in her own right. Before she hit it big, however, Celine Dion invited her #1 fan to join her on stage to sing a duet with her at Madison Square Garden. Their performance of “Because You Loved Me” to a sold out crown of 18,000 was dedicated to Charice’s mom. Before her last song, Celine introduced Charice and tried to calm the nervous Charice in a 7 minute monologue.

A few seconds into the song, and Charice blew me away. Seeing her mother crying at the end brought tears to my eyes. Can you imagine watching your daughter perform with Celine at MSG?! What a surreal, beautiful experience!!!

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