His Son Is Unresponsive. What Dad Does Next? I Can’t Believe It

February 20, 2015 Videos

Jayce normally posts videos on YouTube showcasing his musical talents — and this time around, he does the same but for a much different purpose.

Jayce’s eight-year-old son Jason has special needs. Jason had a stroke while he was still in his mother’s womb, and it left him unable to stand, walk, talk, or see. Jayce is so inspired by his son‘s courage and strength that he wrote the song you’re about to hear. With lyrics including, “I couldn’t be prouder, what you must go through every hour,” watching Jason’s reaction is truly heartwarming.

One commenter on YouTube says, “It is difficult enough to care for a disabled child, and I can tell you, many days life feel very bleak. But a lot of times you can still find a lot of joy in the smallest things, even if it impresses no one. And when you do find those joyful moments, it’s natural to want to share.”

It’s clear to me that Jared loved his father’s song, and seeing his reaction is priceless. If you agree, then please SHARE this touching video with your friends and family on Facebook.


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