This Song Was Climbing To Number One 50 Years Ago. Can You Believe It?

February 28, 2015 Videos

The number one song nearly 50 years ago in 1965 wasn’t actually a 1965 released single. It was released in December 1964 and gradually climbed its way to number one in late February/early March of 1965.

I’m sure you do remember the song, of course. It’s the iconic “My Girl,” released by The Temptations and written/produced by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White of The Miracles. The song is one of the Motown greats and has been featured in hundreds of films. It’s a classic example of the smooth, soulful sound of the 1960s and is on Billboard’s list of the Top 100 songs in history.

David Ruffin, who sings the lead vocals on this song, was usually not the group’s frontman, but Robinson knew that if he could write the perfect song for Ruffin, the group would have a hit on their hands. He also allowed the Temptations to create their own vocal harmonies, knowing their natural talent for this. That he was correct proves just what a visionary producer he was.

Now, who exactly is this iconic “girl” mentioned in the song? It’s believed to be Smokey’s wife and fellow member of The Miracles, Claudette Rogers Robinson. Listen to a clip of The Temptations performing live in 1965, and just imagine knowing that song was written about you. What an incredible feeling that must be.

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