They Thought Their Sheep Was Acting Strange…But Then? A SHOCKING Twist!

March 18, 2015 Videos

Half sheep; half goat. Now this isn’t something you see every day! Meet Butterfly. She is Arizona’s only “geep,” a sheep–goat hybrid.

This sweet baby was born at My Petting Zoo in North Scottsdale, AZ. But what’s most shocking about her birth is that Priscilla Motola, the petting zoo owner , didn’t even know the mother sheep was pregnant! In fact, her three sons made the discovery when they were out feeding the animals and noticed the tiny baby following the mother sheep.

Butterfly’s features are a blend from her parents. While her hooves and face are similar to her goat father, her body is covered in a thick, woolen coat, just like her mom. Most goat–sheep hybrids result in stillborn births, as the two breeds have different chromosomes. Thus they’re calling Butterfly a true miracle.

“Butterfly is very active, she’s very friendly and smart,” Motola said.

This little cutie has stolen hearts with her unique look and playful demeanor. Since her birth, Butterfly has become the petting zoo’s star attraction and is receiving lots of love from around the world.

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Butterfly sticks close to her mom. She’s Arizona’s only “geep” — a sheep–goat hybrid.


Butterfly has a goat face and feet but is covered in wool.


Butterfly cuddles with a new friend.


The baby geep makes some new pals at My Petting Zoo in North Scottsdale, AZ.



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