This Tooth Is One Of The Most Disgusting And Impressive Forms Of Art.

October 14, 2014 Entertainment

This art bites. Well, at some point, it could have.

The sculptures on these teeth, however, are nothing short of awesome. I never thought I’d see the Colosseum carved into a molar, but even if someone were to have told me it exists, I wouldn’t have believed how impressive it looks until I had seen it. They’re really that great. If I were you, I’d be chomping at the bit to get a glimpse of them, which you can below.

This has to be the Colosseum of Colosseum tooth sculptures.


I actually feel like I’m in Rome. Well, like a tooth version of it.


Check out that detail!




This one is scary good.


(via Reddit)

No offense to the Tooth Fairy, should she actually exist, but this is some real dental magic!

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