This Wild Horse Couldn’t Be Tamed – Until He Met A Disabled Boy.

June 26, 2014 Videos

They are both a little different from others like them… and maybe that’s exactly what drew these two together. It’s the ONLY explanation I can come up with. The new horse on the ranch is a little rough. He gets wild around the other horses and definitely doesn’t like people. The little boy is one of only 150 people in Israel with Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder.

When they first encounter each other, no one expected this to happen. At first, onlookers tried to call the boy to come back, but as soon as they noticed how gentle the wild stallion became when he met the young boy, they knew something miraculous had happened. A disabled boy was the only person on the ranch who could bring out the gentle side of this beast.

This is exactly why people say “there are angels amongst us”. This encounter brought me to tears. Please SHARE the joy with others

Via Petflow


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